Hey there!

Hey there! I'm Anna. Owner and lead photographer here at Silverthorn Photography.

Silverthorn Photography has two studio homes: one located in Norwood Young America, MN and serving people in the surrounding towns, Carver county and the broader Southwest Metro suburbs of Minnesota's twin cities. The other in Nerstrand, MN serving Rice County and the Southern suburbs of Minnesota.

A few reasons people choose me in a world of so many amazing photographers:

  • A full service, custom-tailored experience to fit your needs.
  • My upbeat, professional, easy going client experience.
  • Professional printing and artwork design services including bespoke albums and wall art. Including a lifetime guarantee and installation services.
  • I help people look their best and radiate their authentic selves.
Anna Silverthorn, Norwood Young America MN Photographer

I have been working behind a camera for nearly two decades now.

I want to provide so much MORE than pretty pictures. I aim to provide excellent service, an experience that is worth your time and artwork in your hands and on your walls. My services don't end with a gallery delivery, I am here to help bring your vision to completion, from phone call to installation. Whether that means coming to your home to install artwork on your walls or tech support with my team walking you through the steps to upload your headshot to your website.

I aim to create an upbeat experience that sets people at ease. I will listen to your values, concerns and hopes and then be your guide from beginning to completion.

My clients often breathe a sigh of relief somewhere during a session telling me how anxious/awkward/insecure/fill in the blank they felt about getting their portrait created. They exhale with a smile and a giggle about how much more confident and at ease they felt by the end. I resonate with those feelings so deeply.

During some of my most lean financial years where I functioned as a single parent, I learned the value of paying a little extra for expert care and guidance at my most vulnerable. It was worth scrimping and saving to be able to hire a birth professional I trusted and felt safe with. To pay for an hour consult with an attorney that came highly recommended and understood my needs, even though I could get a free hour consult with most anyone else.

My goal is to provide my clients with similar confidence. I hope that you come away from our time together feeling exceptionally well cared for.

In order to better serve my clients, I have invested in learning how to create finished art. In our signature sessions, we show mockups of your portraits as wall art on your own walls using images taken of your walls. In order to ensure the size and framing of your portraits will enhance, and blend beautifully with the design aesthetics of your home or office, we can design a mockup to scale on your wall. 



“Anna was super awesome at catching me and also my family as we really are, highlighting the dynamics and relationships that make us unique. Will definitely use her for future photo needs!”

Imagine the memories you want to come back to.

Picture the feelings you want to relive.

What inspires you to wake up in the morning and keep trying when times get tough? Let's decorate your walls with love and inspiration.

Let's create portraits that will live on through the decades. Moments in time that you can revisit time and time again. Whether that be an album for your coffee table to snuggle up and flip through with a loved one. Or wall art for your home or office that reminds you of what matters when you need it most.

Life has taught me how far grace, a smile, understanding and a safe place, free of judgement can be. As a parent (of four children), friend and family member of families with neurodiverse people I want to be a professional that provides that kind of safe place for families and individuals. I understand that neurodiverse children's needs and preferred ways of interacting with the world can be vastly different.

We are all so unique.

Please, if you or a family member have any preferences that I can incorporate to create a more wonderful experience for you, do not hesitate to share. If you are not quite sure what that might look like, I'd love to chat and brainstorm together from what I know. One individual may prefer a quieter, less stimulating environment. Anticipating time to warm up. Another might need a high energy session from the first hello pulling out all the sensory stops with favorite music, movement, flavor, smell and lights into the mix.

Or maybe you just need to know I GET IT. Transitions can be hard. Meltdowns can be embarrassing. Dysregulation happens. I'm not shocked. I will work with you to create the experience you and your loved one need. If you want to roll with the sillies and capture your incredible child in action, I'm up for it. If your child just really needs to try again another day, let's reschedule. I GET IT.

I hope you can feel so safe and served well.

I am here to be your trusted, full-service photography professional.


PHONE: (612) 562-8231


My Process for Signature Sessions

Mini sessions and marathons are abbreviated.


The first step is to contact me. The contact form on this website is a great place to start.

I will get back to you to organize a time we can chat quickly about your vision, intentions for your artwork and an overview of pricing to make sure we're a good fit for each other.

If we decide on a signature session we will schedule a consultation meeting to create a vision and plan for your session. This could include going over outfits, discussing artwork options and collecting images to create custom mock ups, making a plan for locations and more.

Pay the session fee and your date is reserved. This can be done on the phone during our initital chat or at the consultation.


Come relaxed and confident knowing that I've got this. Pictures are my thing.

I'll take care of the light, working around the weather and managing the background so that your personality will shine.

Like a good friend, my assistant and I will let you know if you have broccoli in your teeth, help you know what to do with your hands and hype you up about your passion and the reason for standing in front of the camera.

Professional hair and make-up services are also available, let me know if that is something you would appreciate.


I will make sure you have what you need to complete your project whether that is printed media, artwork or digital images sized to your designer's specifications.

Let me know how I can serve you best!

For most sessions we will sit down together in person, or virtually to relive the memories, ooh and ah and choose favorites. I will walk you through product options available through professional labs for displaying your artwork in the highest quality.

With my photographer magic we can design wall art combinations on a picture of the walls in your own home.

Once we have everything you want, the order is placed. Done.

Then it is all me.

No shopping around at consumer quality printers, waiting for coupons or hours on glitchy design platforms.

Done, REALLY done.

If you order artwork for your walls, I will personally come to your home to install your pieces. If digital, feel free to reach out with your technical questions needs!

You get to sit back, relax and enjoy a project completely eliminated from your to list.

Your printed artwork comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it doesn't last as it should, I will replace it.

Museum quality artwork that honors your time, love and financial investment to be enjoyed and cherished.


Will I receive digital images from my portrait session?

Yes! AND I want you to come away with tangible artwork in your hands. Every digital comes with a print. Every printed piece purchased comes with the matching digitals. If you purchase a bundle of 8 digital images, you will also receive 8 prints. If you purchase an album of 25 portraits, you will also receive those 25 portraits in digital form.

*Branding and commercial contracts are different and the digital images will be licensed specific to the needs of your project. I can certainly create beautiful custom artwork for your office needs as well, but print is not always included.

Do you travel?

Travel within half an hour of carver county is included.
Up to 2 hours at a rate of $2/mile additional mileage fee.
Special consideration and arrangements for further travel can be made for a larger project or wedding, feel free to ask!

Do you do "mini" sessions?

Yes! I will publicize these on my blog and social media.
Minis and marathons are a prescheduled day at a select location where I have sessions back-to-back. The format allows me to reduce the session fee, making it an attractive option to clients with a lower budget who do not need as many portraits or customization.

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